• About Jason Kulpa

    After nine years of serving as CEO for UE.co, Jason Kulpa has demonstrated irrefutably that a community-minded approach to employee culture can spur the kind of growth and innovation demanded by today’s tech industry. Mr. Kulpa comes from years of experience working in operations roles throughout the tech industry, and he founded UE.co in 2008 to put his talents and knowledge to use in the best way possible.


    Inc. has rated UE.co as a “Fastest Growing Business,” and Mr. Kulpa seems unlikely to take his foot off the pedal any time soon. Offering a cutting-edge marketing platform and innovative client services, UE.co manages to attract rising tech stars from every sector of the industry. Mr. Kulpa views employee satisfaction as a top priority, and that attitude has made the organization one of the most desirable places to work in San Diego.


    When he’s not serving his company, Mr. Kulpa serves the broader community of San Diego. A board member for the San Diego Humane Society and the San Diego Police Foundation, Mr. Kulpa strives to give back to the city that has provided a wonderful home for his company.

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